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If you have creative flair and an eye for detail, our art lessons in London may be perfect for you. At Calligraphy Mania, we feature well-equipped facilities and tutors who will encourage you to develop your own personal style over time. Explore your passion for creativity in a welcoming, friendly environment where you can excel at practicing calligraphy. Please give us a call on 07535802995 for more information.

Our values

Our values are the core of our lessons. They reflect our ethics, morals and inform our team's approach as well as how we encourage every one of our students. We believe in our students and their passion and desire to learn – they are at the centre of everything we do. Delivering quality is what we exist for – truly, you will not be disappointed.

Our lessons

We use a wide variety of tools and materials for drawing, painting and creating imaginative work in our calligraphy lessons. As well as developing unique styles, our students look at the work of other artists and explore the use of their techniques and media. Our lessons aim to be fun, challenging, and serve to inspire the next generation of artists.


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